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Best friends, Jo Ohlson de Fine and Deborah Donnelly launched the new hiring range called China Blue Hiring in 2016, both in Gauteng and in the Western Cape.

A mutual passion for blue and white crockery and decor pieces inspired them to empty their kitchen cupboards and to add a new member to the 20 year old Tablecloth Hiring Company family.

Blue and white crockery and decor, has the knack of giving any room an instant lift and appeals to everyone. It is a universal look that never tires.

From colonial classics like the Willow pattern, Delft, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Moroccan to modern day, simple and nautical designs, Blue China can be introduced into almost any decor scheme.

The company hires out:

  • Crockery
  • Decor pieces e.g. vases
  • Tea and coffee items
  • Blue glassware
  • Lamps
  • Cushions as well as a variety of other decor pieces like silver tea sets, copper items et cetera to set off the blue china.

The range is a mixture of new and vintage items which can be either be used one design at a time or mixed and matched. Of course the entire range works fantastically with the Tablecloth Hiring Range. Imagine Classical English or German pieces with our own blue shwe shwe for example!

Stock in Johannesburg feeds the Pretoria branch as does the stock in Cape Town feed the Stellenbosch clients.

The two ranges are similar, but not identical. Stock is being added all the time. That's who we are in SA!



Jo Ohlson de Fine and Deborah Donnelly

Jo Ohlson de Fine and Deborah Donnelly

Jo has had over 30 years working in the general Events Industry, working both behind the scenes and at set ups. Her vast experience and impeccable taste have been extremely valuable and practical to the clients who appreciate her patience and attention to detail.

Deborah’s passion for colour, texture, decor and art is what has driven her to grow the Tablecloth Hiring Company over the last 20 years into a national business.

Her entire team are on board with China Blue making it a great experience for clients to ‘play’ in the showrooms, blending the linen components with the blue china.

And best of all, a one stop shop in terms of paperwork.